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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Did Lenovo save Motorola from being spring cleaned?

Google has been notorious over the years for putting out a message on their blog announcing their "Spring Cleaning" exercise when they've decided they've had enough of something.

Last year it was Google Reader that made the list of projects to be culled, the year prior to that, it was Google Sync for BlackBerry.  This year as we approached Spring, it may have been Motorola Mobility one suspects if Lenovo had not stepped forward.

Google on the surface of it is losing US$ 9 billion but they know had they not bought Motorola Mobility, the company would've struggled to survive.  Now by acquiring it and then re-selling it to Lenovo, they've also set themselves up to have a worthy competitor to Samsung in the Android space.  I'm pretty sure LG would've been in the running as well for the deal but only the insiders will know what swayed Google to Lenovo.

The smartphone business has been like a game of chess.  It is as much mind games as it is skill.

So I guess all we do now is wait and see what the next Google Nexus device made by Lenovo will look like...game on!

Posted by: Ashish Panjabi, Chief Operating Officer, Jacky's Electronics LLC