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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

iPhone 5 now on LTE in the UAE (for some...)

A day before the launch of Blackberry 10, Apple released iOS 6.1 and with that flipped the switch for iPhone 5 users to start enjoying super fast data connections using LTE via their telecom partners in the UAE, du and etisalat.  

For iPad users though, the news isn't as rosy as it seems Apple hasn't enabled LTE yet in the UAE even though LTE is available in several other regions for the iPad already (click here for a list of markets where LTE is available for the iPad).
Image Source: CNET

For those of you who bought grey stocks (i.e. stocks not sourced through Apple's official channels in the UAE), you may possibly end up with the raw end of the deal.  It seems not every iPhone 5 was created equal (as we'd eluded to in an earlier blog post) and only if you have the iPhone 5 model number A1429, it will work on LTE in the UAE.  If you've got another model of the iPhone 5, you can click here to see which countries it will work on LTE at.

This may mean many of you in the UAE have started enjoying the benefits of faster LTE speeds on your iPhone already, some of you with an iPad may need to be a little more patient and those of you with the wrong model iPhone 5 will be stuck on 3G.

Posted by: Ashish Panjabi, Chief Operating Officer, Jacky's Electronics LLC