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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Re-Blog: What Happened to Apple's Television?

This blog post originally appeared on the official Blog of GITEX Technology Week, called "Tech Talk."  To view the full blog post, please click here.

Sep 06,2012 - by 

This time last year, any industry analyst could talk about was Apple’s entry into the television business.  A lot of this talk had been fueled by revelations that Steve Jobs had made in his biography that this was an area of business that he saw could be revolutionized.
The rumor mills of course went into overdrive as to what the television would like, what functionality it would provide and who it would wipe out.
This is as close as Apple's come to a television so far.
Image: tech.fortune.cnn.com
There is in truth, a lot that can change in the television industry.  It is still an industry that relies on messy cables and connectors.  It is an industry that launched 3D devices that required the use of ghastly looking glasses.  It is an industry that still relies on content to be delivered through a satellite, cable or antenna.  It is an industry that is fighting for margins because once they have sold the consumer a television, they have got no recurring revenue stream for themselves.  It is an industry that thinks consumers will upgrade their flat screen television just because you now have a “slimmer” flat screen television.  It is an industry that is in many cases stuck in a state of denial.
To read the remainder of this post on the Tech Talk blog, please click here.