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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Re-Blog: Who Will Buy Foursquare?

This blog post originally appeared on the official Blog of GITEX Technology Week, called "Tech Talk."  To view the full blog post, please click here.

Aug 28,2012 - by 
Who will buy foursquare?
Over the past couple of months, we’ve seen some fairly sizable acquisitions in the online space, especially amongst services or apps that are deemed to be “social.”  Whether it be Instagram which Facebook bought for a billion dollars, Twitter acquiring companies Tweetie & Tweetdeck, Microsoft acquiring Yammer for USD 1.2 billion, Salesforce buying Buddy Media for USD 689 million or Google’s recent acquisition of iOS and Mac mail client, Sparrow, it looks like the wave of expensive M&A’s is going to continue,
There was speculation recently as to whether Apple would be bidding for Twitter and this led to fierce reactions from various corners but if we are looking at “social” apps and what most smartphone vendors seem to to be talking about, then location based services seem to be the flavour of the month.

Whether you look at Apple, Microsoft, Google or Facebook, they’ve all played with location based services in some shape or form.  The question then arises that if location based services is the future, who will buy Foursquare, as they are probably the most popular social, location-based service that exists (to learn more about Foursquare, click here).
The contenders have to be the usual suspects, whether it be Google, Apple, Microsoft/Nokia, Facebook or Twitter.
What does each one bring to the table and why should they bother?

To read the remainder of this post on the Tech Talk blog, please click here.