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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Re-Blog: The New Tablet Ecosystem War

This blog post originally appeared on the official Blog of GITEX Technology Week, called "Tech Talk."  To view the full blog post, please click here.

Aug 06,2012 - by 

So who exactly sells tablets and what’s the difference between one tablet and another?
 This was a question I was asking myself last week after I sat with an ex-colleague.  It seems that just every brand that manufactures a laptop, smartphone or consumer electronics (like televisions) is in the tablet race.  There are of course a few exceptions to this as we’ve seen Amazon, a non-manufacturer enter the tablet arena last year by introducing the Kindle Fire.

The truth is that there are two categories of tablets.  Category 1 is: The  iPad, category 2 is: the rest. Everyone today knows what an iPad is and can rattle off the features of this tablet effortlessly.   However, the same isn’t necessarily the case with the others.
For one, most of the other tablets look the same.  They are generally of the same size, the same colour or colours and generally run in most cases, the same operating system, Android.  If you were to cover the brand name, most of us wouldn’t be able to distinguish one from the other.
While there have been so many manufacturers who have entered the tablet space, there have been very few that have managed to make a major dent.  The best known Apple-alternatives would be Samsung, Amazon and probably BlackBerry (though they run on their QNX operating system and not Android).
To read the remainder of this post on the Tech Talk blog, please click here.