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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Re-Blog: Apple vs Samsung: Is it a Proxy War?

This blog post originally appeared on the official Blog of GITEX Technology Week, called "Tech Talk."  To view the full blog post, please click here.

Incest is something that has been fairly common in most technology fields.  Most manufacturers behind the smoke screen develop products that use or depend on the work that a competitor has created. In the race of innovation, winning brands file thepatents and competing manufacturers pay the royalties.

Image: AllThingsD

On every Samsung Android smartphone sold, Microsoft allegedly said they deserve $15 per unit, even though Google licenses Android for free.  Why’s that? Because somewhere in the architecture of these Android phones, some Microsoft patents are used.

This is however not new and going back over the years, most consumer electronics companies have benefited from each other’s R&D efforts.  In many cases, the relationships have been deeper amongst even the stiffest of competitors where they would supply components to each other.  Sony for example is one of the largest suppliers of batteries for notebooks so when batteries in Toshiba, Dell or HP laptops were being recalled, the guilty culprit was Sony as they had supplied them all with batteries.

To read the remainder of this post on the Tech Talk blog, please click here.