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Monday, 13 February 2012

Jacky's Valentine's Day Competition draws 400 entries.

Jacky’s hosted its Valentine’s Day competition from 30 Jan to 12 Feb 2012 to celebrate love with a twist of fascination for gadgets and provide a platform of expression and sharing in the form of competition. 

The Jury and team has taken all care to ensure that all the entries were given its due worth however the competition was stiff and there could only be three winners.
The Three most heartiest entries that have been chosen Winners by our JURY are as follows:

Samay Majhi - Winner | 2 * Iphone 4S
Loreamel Bunyi-Vespiras - Runner up 1 | 2 * Sony Tablet
Sanju Scaria - Runner up 2 | 1* Shaver & 1 * Epilator
To all our ardent fans and all the community members who have painstakingly contributed and followed the competition, we would like to share our approach and behind-the-scene work that reinforces our responsibility to our fan community and commitment to conduct in fairness.  

The competition ran over 14 days and drew whopping 400 entries. The Competition was closely monitored on daily basis; for fairness edited entries were NOT considered despite some with higher Likes than other.  While there was community led policing and reporting of the fake likes on our wall, our team engaged in detailed screening of all entries for identifying Fake profiles, Fake Profile likes, no referral likes that eventually were eliminated. All comments were moderated by Jacky’s; certain comments that have been deleted are due to abusive language.

Entries have been shortlisted on the criteria of authenticity, creativity, uniqueness, personal relevance in the message and relevance to gadgets along with public likeability. There have been entries that have been more creative but with lesser likes and couldn’t be considered for shortlist whilst entries with high number of likes but falling short on the other criteria. The Entries that have won the competition have scored well across over all the criteria’s. 

We maintain that the judgment has been fair and believe that most of the participants acknowledge it. 

The Essence of any competition is participation and fun, which undoubtedly has been brought about by each participant and we can’t thank enough for everybody’s contribution. 

Being a competition, we expect most of the people will sport the underlying spirit. While winning remains important, it’s VITAL to play to one’s true potential and take the result in a positive stride.

Hope you have a great Valentine's with your loved ones and spread the Cheer :-)

Post by: Manish Arora, Head- Retail Marketing, Jacky's Electronics