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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

The iMessage Uproar in the UAE

It's been an interesting month or so on our blog.  Even though we haven't posted much, we found traffic on the way up during October and the early part of November.  This was largely due to one topic: iMessage.

In June, we had innocently asked the question "Will iMessage be blocked like FaceTime?"  The rationale was that if Apple's FaceTime was blocked earlier and BlackBerry's Messenger service had come under scrutiny, then the same may be the case with iMessage.

While this post was clicked and viewed by many of you in June, we were surprised to see more people accessing this story from the second week of October onwards when the iPhone 4S was officially launched in markets like the US and UK.  The parallel iPhone units started flowing into the country and with iMessage not working on some devices initially during this time.  This was also when iOS5 was also available for download for other Apple devices in the iPhone and iPad family.  This led to the second wave of people accessing this post.  

When iMessage was officially blocked this week by the telecom players in the UAE, we saw the third wave of visitors to our page kick in.  The post on iMessage is now ranked as the second most popular post on our blog as per our stat server.  

The passion that most Apple users have got for their products and services is unique.  An Apple fanboy (or girl) is forever ready to get vocal about their love for Apple products.  We all probably know a few such people and it amazes us to see how vocal the reactions are when services like iMessage get blocked. 

The truth of the matter is that services like iMessage can't be blocked infinitely.  I don't think Apple fans would allow it to happen.  They are a bunch that doesn't mind voicing their views and I think this was partly the reason we saw some services resume within a few hours.

How the TRA or the telecom companies should've handled the entire episode is another story but all in all, it's been interesting to see how iMessage and Apple fans have at least kept our blog active during a period when we didn't say much.  Thank you all for visiting us thus far and we promise to have many more posts coming on this blog shortly.

Posted By: Ashish Panjabi, Chief Operating Officer, Jacky's Electronics