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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Who's leading the Post-PC Evolution: Apple or Microsoft?

Several months ago, there was a story on our blog about the Post-PC world that Apple's Steve Jobs spoke about (click here to read that post).  In essence, Jobs said we're moving onto a world beyond PC's and we'd better get ready for the ride.

So for all this time, we've sat and assumed Apple was leading the way forward.

I would've agreed with this sentiment until I got thinking following Microsoft's unveiling of Windows 8 to the developer community and reading an analysis by Boy Genius Report (click here to read the whole story).  Microsoft looks to be moving a step ahead of Apple because they're moving towards unifying the operating system on tablets and PC's  in what Boy Genius calls the post-post-PC era.

While the popular opinion is that Microsoft has been behind the times in the last couple of years, you have to wonder if they will rebound.  Acquisitions like Skype or partnerships like the one they have with Nokia have seen that Microsoft is looking for a way forward.  The traditional WINTEL days (where Windows was always associated with Intel) seems to be a thing of the past.  Intel this week unveiled their partnership with Google for Android, Microsoft said they're working with ARM, which clearly shows everyone is working with everyone in the race to get ahead.

Apple's vision till now has been led by a team that Steve Jobs put together while CEO of Apple.  Jobs obviously has the confidence that his team can still carry this vision forward.  However, most of Apple's competitors like Microsoft, Amazon, Samsung or Google are probably seeing this as their opportunity to leapfrog ahead.

While Windows 8 does have many people including me excited, what Apple has up their sleeve is still the six four million dollar question.  Did Boy Genius call it too early by declaring Microsoft is ushering in the post-post-PC era, who knows?  It's a bold statement to make or to predict anything in such a rapidly changing industry but what's for sure, it will be an interesting period ahead in the tech space going forward.

Posted By: Ashish Panjabi, Chief Operating Officer, Jacky's Electronics