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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

GeekFest and Jacky's Eco-Exchange

Jacky’s bring Eco-Exchange to Geekfest taking place at The New Shelter (http://www.shelter.ae) on Thursday, September 22 from 7:30pm onwards.
It’s Jacky’s first out -of-home recycling drive and you can be a part by bringing in your old devices (mobiles, laptops, MP3 players, cameras or gaming consoles) and everyone attending Geekfest is encouraged to bring their old devices so we can dispose of them responsibly
With technology changing faster than speed of thought, It’s not surprising to get overwhelmed and owing up a new piece of tech wonder quicker than ever. Almost every choice involves leaving something behind in the backyard perhaps sitting idle and eventually dead with a little itch of the metal pile up, the locked residual economic value and perhaps some would imagine the impact on environment by materials not being disposed as they should have been. 
Understanding the responsibility that lies with us as a Retailer, in not only providing best in the class of products and services but also to provide appropriate end of life solutions for the products we sell. Jacky’s Electronics, in 2010 started offering, a service called ‘Eco-Exchange: Recycling that pays’, which aims to drive consumer awareness for the proper disposal of electronic products in the UAE. 
This program kicked-off as an "In Store" solution for customers to bring their old/unwanted (no matter where they were purchased) consumer electronics for recycling. Regardless of where the product is bought, what brand it is, or how old it is, the product can be properly and safely recycled. 
The Eco-Exchange Programme currently accepts gadgets such as old mobile phones, notebooks, cameras, MP3 players and gaming consoles. The recycling is done free of charge and if the product stand a value then a cash voucher is offered for purchase.  The value of the product is calculated in-store by trained Customer Service Executives who use a custom-built online portal to help determine what the value of the product would be, whether it is working or non-working.
Importantly this program facilitates to trade-in devices in whatever brand or condition giving freedom of choice to buy latest device and keep up with the technology yet remain socially responsible and get the locked value out. 
All collected devices are 100% reused or recycled to the highest industry standards, including ISO 14001 and 9001, through a strict zero landfill policy, so nothing is disposed in a manner that would harm the environment.  
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Posted By: Manish Arora, Head - Retail Marketing, Jacky's Electronics