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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Keeping the BlackBerry Flag Flying High

In mid-April, I'd put out a post "Is it BlackBerry Bashing Season?" (click here to read the post), in which I'd said that Research in Motion (RIM), the manufacturer of BlackBerry devices, was probably getting a lot more stick from the press than it deserved.

It was therefore refreshing to see an extremely insightful blog post that was sent to us courtesy Mita Srinivasan (@mita56 on Twitter) which actually digs a little more in the guts of RIM's rise in the last eight years and what can be done about it.  The author does examine the rise of Android as an operating system software but also tracks how RIM grew their subscriber base over the same period with only their brand of handsets (whereas Android has various manufacturers to thank for their meteoric rise).

What was however more interesting is how the author actually studied past examples of what can literally kill off a brand.  He looks into whether RIM is heading down the path of Atari and Commodore or whether there is still juice left in the brand.

It's a long read, but I do suggest having a go at it if you've got the time.  Click here to read it.

P.S. I'm at BlackBerry World in Orlando this week so there should be more updates coming from here on BlackBerry.  Most of the senior team of RIM is here and there should be lots to talk about over the course of the next few days. Follow us on Twitter (@jackysuae to get more info as we post it).

Posted By: Ashish Panjabi, Chief Operating Officer, Jacky's Electronics