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Monday, 23 May 2011

For US$ 7.5B, you could buy Apple in 2004

I came across a headline earlier this morning that just made me go WOW!  Basically, in 2004, when Apple had already had their iPod out for three years, Apple was worth US$ 7.5 Billion.  Now consider the fact that Microsoft acquired Skype earlier this month for US$ 8.5 Billion, you realize just how big an acquisition Skype is for Microsoft (click here to read more about these valuations).

Since 2004, a lot has changed.  Apple has gone and taken top spot as the most valuable IT company in the world and a lot of us can sit and speculate, what if theories about Apple and Microsoft.
Image courtesy: nowpublic.net

By comparison, in 2004, Microsoft had revenues of US$ 8.16 Billion, Apple had revenues of US$ 276 Million and Amazon had revenues of US$ 588 Million.

In 2011, Microsoft had revenues of US$ 21.8 Billion, Apple is a whopping US$ 22.9 Billion and Amazon grew to US$ 1.2 Billion (further details can be seen by clicking here).

With Microsoft laying out such a big chunk of change for Skype, you have to realize that they have some serious plans for Skype, whether it be part of their mobile strategy (Windows Phone 7,  Nokia, BlackBerry tie-ups), gaming strategy (Xbox Live), search engine strategy (Bing), enterprise (Outlook, Exchange, MS Office) or it's core operating system strategy (Windows for notebooks & desktops).

What is left to be seen is whether Microsoft has made the right decision acquiring Skype for that amount of money and whether Microsoft can at least for those of us in the UAE, get us access to Skype legally.

Posted By: Ashish Panjabi, Chief Operating Officer, Jacky's Electronics