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Monday, 7 March 2011

Steve Jobs Appearance = Millions more units sold

Without wanting to turn this into an Apple-fanboy blog, we can't help but talk about Steve Jobs and his appearance at the iPad 2 launch last week.

With all the rumours and stories that have been circulating of late about his health or who would step up and take the mantle at this launch, everyone was in shock to see Steve Jobs up on stage, in person, giving us a 70-minute presentation.

Image courtesy: theappera.com
As John Gruber mentioned in his post on The Daring Fireball, "Have you ever noticed that Steve Jobs is not introduced at Apple’s events? Music plays while the audience fills the room. (Well-chosen popular rock, some new, some old, often Dylan. Now, it’s all Beatles, all the time. It’s as though Apple now treats the Beatles catalog as the company’s official soundtrack.) Eventually, a few minutes before the start of the show, there’s an announcement asking everyone to silence their phones. Then, one or two more songs, and then there simply is no next song. A few seconds later, Jobs strides out, unheralded."

Gruber further goes on to say "One difference between this year and last is that Jobs’s presence was not expected. The ovation that greeted him yesterday was loud, almost raucous. We were, simply, happy to see him."

Why Did Steve Jobs Appear?

Making an appearance did keep the stock price up, but this was far more than keeping investors who're looking at short term gains happy.  The bottom line is sales.  Apart from all that's been said about Jobs being a great CEO or visionary, he's also their brand ambassador.

While Coke, Pepsi or Nike may pay millions to sign up celebrities like Michael Jordan, Shakira, Tiger Woods, Christiano Ronaldo or Nancy Ajram to be the face of their brand, Apple don't because they've got Steve Jobs.

The fact that Steve Jobs presented the iPad as opposed to any other executive in the company means they'll sell that many more millions of units.  The power of his presence is unheralded and Apple knows that.  Apart waiting for iPad 2 stocks to come in, the next thing we can only hope for is that Jobs gives us another great presentation when it's time to announce the launch of the iPhone 5.

Posted By: Ashish Panjabi, Chief Operating Officer, Jacky's Electronics