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Sunday, 6 February 2011

The Top 5 TV's so far this DSF

With the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) now reaching towards its midway point, we’ve decided to look analyze which products have done well thus far in one of our most popular categories, flatscreen televisions.  With some major price drops occurring in the last few weeks, television sales have picked up and we expect the same to continue right through to the end of DSF.
With the ICC Cricket World Cup starting on 19th February, 2011 and Valentine’s Day just around the corner, now could be the time to convince your friends, family or spouse to get you that new TV you’ve been waiting for.

1. Sony 32” LCD TV (Model KLV32EX400)
This Full HD TV (1920 x 1080 resolution) has got 4 HDMI and a USB input, a Bravia Engine 3, 24P True Cinema and MPEG noise reduction.  This television used to be priced at Dhs. 1,999 and during DSF is priced at Dhs 1,799 with a Dhs 200 Jacky’s gift voucher.  A standard definition television is Dhs. 1,399 so the difference between this Full HD model and a standard definition model has dropped from Dhs 600 to just Dhs 200.

2. Samsung 40” LED TV (Model UA40C5000)
This is probably the lowest priced LED TV in the 40” segment amongst the top brands.  Price at Dhs. 3,299 with a free Samsung Blu Ray player (that’s normally selling for Dhs. 749), this Full HD LED TV is a good step up if you’ve got one of the first generation LCD or plasma TV’s.  It has got 4 HDMI and a USB input plus has Samsung’s Wide Colour Enhancer.

3. Sony 40” LED TV (Model KDL40EX710)
This LED TV from Sony has a jaw-dropping 30% price drop during DSF.  It used to be priced at Dhs 4,999 and is now selling at Dhs. 3,999 with a Dhs 500 Jacky’s Gift Voucher.  This is Sony’s entry level LED model and is a Full HD TV, with Edge LED, Bravia Engine 3, a 100Hz refresh rate (Motion Flow), video / photo / music playback through a USB input (many TV’s only allow you to view photos through a USB input) and a Bravia Internet Video (IPTV).

4. Sony 40” LCD TV (Model KLV40BX400)
Sony’s entry level LCD TV in the 40” segment has done exceptionally well for this DSF thus far, in part because of the drop in price has seen during DSF.  It used to be priced at Dhs. 2,699 before the Shopping Festival started and is now priced at Dhs. 2,399 with a Dhs 200 Jacky’s Gift Voucher.  It is also a Full HD model, with a Bravia Engine 3, USB playback for video / photo / audio and 2 HDMI inputs.

5. Samsung 40” LCD TV (Model LA40C530)
This television literally just had a price drop this morning and now costs Dhs. 2,399 with a Dhs 300 Jacky’s Gift Voucher.  It was previously priced at Dhs 2,699.  It is a Full HD TV with 3 HDMI inputs, a USB input and a PC input.  It also has Samsung’s Wide Colour Enhancer technology built in. 

One more product that has done exceptionally well but didn’t qualify in the Top 5 was the Panasonic 65” Plasma TV which was Dhs 29,999 and now selling for Dhs 10,999 plus a Blu Ray home theatre from Panasonic.  This is a whopping 63% cheaper during this DSF.
Panasonic's 65" Plasma has been one of the talking points this DSF after dropping Dhs 19,000 off it's selling price.

As you may have seen, there is often doubt whether DSF offers are genuine but with the price drops mentioned above, we hope you will be convinced that we’ve worked hard with our suppliers to bring you the best offers this DSF.  We do encourage you to visit our retail outlets to have a look at these TV’s yourself as all of the models in the Top 5 are full high definition models.  There is no old technology here and this has arguably been one of the best times to make the jump if you’ve been thinking about it for a while.
For any further queries, we can also be reached on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/jackysuae) or on Twitter (@jackysuae). 

Posted By: Deepak Kriplani, Assistant Purchase Manager & Ashish Panjabi, Chief Operating Officer, Jacky's Electronics