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Saturday, 18 December 2010

What's the fuss about recycling your mobile phone?

Recently at Jacky's, we started a mobile phone recycling program called Jacky's Eco-Exchange and we announced we'll be giving away an iPad to one lucky winner this month for recycling their mobile phone at Jacky's.

While this does no doubt help us at Jacky's generate footfall, the main reason behind us starting this program was to start raising awareness about the dangers of disposing of electronic products irresponsibly.

While all of us are probably guilty of throwing some of our old gadgets in the bin, there has probably been few options available to us in the UAE for recycling our products even if we wanted to.  For many people coming from countries like the UK where it is now mandatory to recycle your electronic products, it amazes them that such regulations have sadly been lacking here in the UAE.

Another major factor why we haven't seen this here really has been education.  Overall awareness about the dangers of what happens to your electronic products once they're thrown into a landfill is not really something most of us know about.

Internally at Jacky's, we're starting to educate our own sales staff, customer service staff and hopefully the message reaches our customers and the community at large on the benefits of recycling.  As members of the community, we felt we had a responsibility to do our bit in whatever small way we could.

As tools like this Blog develop, we'll start talking more about the dangers of throwing electronic products in a landfill in our effort to create more awareness.  Hopefully for every phone we receive, we save one more phone from reaching a landfill where it'll leak toxic substances into our environment.  Fortunately for us we've tied up with a partner who has a zero-landfill policy.

For now we're only offering services for recycling mobile phones but will be rolling this out to other product categories shortly, so stay tuned and do your little bit to support the environment as a responsible member of the community.

Posted By:
Ashish Panjabi, Chief Operating Officer, Jacky's Electronics