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Thursday, 23 December 2010

As we upgrade our phones more often, we need to recycle more often...

We've all seen it happen around us.

A new phone gets released and your mind says you want it.  You see everyone around you with it and you know you can't wait.  Before long, you have it.

Now imagine how often this has started happening.  As prices and technologies have evolved, the length of time the average consumer uses a phone has been dropping.  It doesn't matter if the phone still works, it's now old, unfashionable and uses an older operating system that isn't cool to use anymore.

Don't worry, you're not the only one who's been trapped in this cycle and as a consumer electronics retailer we're glad to have you as our customer.

However, the question arises, if you're buying your phones more often, then what do you end up doing with your old phones? Are more and more of them sitting in a drawer or handed down? Chances are if they end up in a drawer, they normally end up in a bin some day. If they're handed down, then they're most likely replacing the phone that the recipient was using till then so what happens with that phone?

There are various dangers to disposing of phones when we simple bin them.  The typical mobile phone that ends up in a landfill contains the following toxic chemicals:

  • arsenic (used in some semiconductors)
  • brominated compounds (used as flame retardants)
  • lead (used in the solder that attaches components to circuit boards)
In fact, the matter has been something that even the United Nations has felt compelled to discuss at their meetings.  

If you can do one good deed this festive season, it is to look around, gather all those old phones and take them in for recycling with the retailer or recycler of your choice.  

At Jacky's, we do have our Jacky's Eco-Exchange program, but do feel free to see where you'd like to recycle your phones and let's start educating those around us.  The more awareness we create, the better off we can all be.

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Posted by: Ashish Panjabi, Chief Operating Officer, Jacky's Electronics LLC